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If there is anything we know, it is about the benefits of Hemp Oil!

When our CEO, Mercer Smith began suffering from arthritis, he never thought he would find relief. He tried everything from prescription medication to anything he could get over the counter. Nothing worked! He was tired of having to rely on medications that were offering him no relief. It wasn’t until he came across a new budding product that he finally began to find relief. It was a product he never thought he would ever have to turn to: CBD or cannabidiol.

After trying CBD for himself, he was quickly turned off by the fact that most CBD products are full spectrum, meaning they contain THC, the main component that gives people that “high” they comment about with marijuana. Mercer knew he wanted something to help him with his pain without the hazy side effects. Above all, he wanted something that would allow his CBD to work faster and more efficiently within his body.

But what should he use?

With CBD quickly becoming one of the most used products in the wellness industry today, Mercer was confused as to why there wasn’t anything on the market that helped to enhance CBD oil. He understood how effective CBD oil could be on its own. However, in order to benefit from it in the long-term, he knew it could take as long as 6 weeks before you begin to feel the full effects. In his heart, he knew there had to be a way to enhance these effects and feel relief sooner!

That is where we decided to come in.

If there was anything Mercer understood clearly, it was how agonizing waiting for a medication to kick in could pull on someone’s sanity, especially if they are experiencing chronic pain or chronic anxiety. He wanted something that would not only to help alleviate his own symptoms but something that could help others who were suffering as he was.

Hence, Terpenes4health was born!

When we first started in the industry, we wanted a product that everyone could benefit from. We wanted a product that could help hasten the effectiveness of CBD while ensuring people experience the relief they need, when they need it. Terpenes4health was engineered to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression and pain as quickly as possible, without the hazy side effects of THC from regular CBD oil.

Nobody deserves to live their life in pain.

Why live in pain and anxiety when you can alleviate your symptoms?

See for yourself what Terpenes4health can do for you and your business today!