It is no secret finding the best of the best hemp oil for anxiety can be difficult. Hell, it can take a lot of time, money and effort before you find the perfect temporary anxiety relief for your anxiety symptoms. If you are anything like me, you don’t want to bother wasting your time and money on products that aren’t going to work for you in the first place!

That is the point of this post!

My hope is that by the end of this post, you will have an idea of what the best hemp oil for anxiety products are available online today and can narrow down your search to get the anxiety relief you have been looking for!

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best hemp oil for anxiety

Wait, what is Hemp Oil?

Let’s keep it simple, shall we?

Hemp oil is the oil that is extracted directly from the Cannabis sativa plant or hemp plant. Typically, this oil is extra via two ways: CO2 or cold-pressing. This type of oil is popularly known to have a variety of benefits when ingested and can contain flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.



Does Hemp Oil Help Anxiety: What Does the Science Say?

This is when it gets tricky. Look, I’m going to be honest with you here: the study of hemp oil is still in its infancy. While I can sit here and tell you, “Yes! Hemp oil does help treat anxiety,” the truth is there just hasn’t been enough research conducted on hemp oil and its benefits to be proven conclusive.

However, due to recent studies conducted on CBD such as this one show that it is highly likely hemp oil and CBD could help treat and alleviate anxiety symptoms.


Important Considerations to Make When Buying Hemp Oil

When you decide to buy hemp oil online, there are a few things you should take into consideration before forking your hard-earned money over. Some of the considerations I highly recommend making include:

A Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis is a slip of paper that shows you findings of a tincture of hemp or CBD oil done by a third-party laboratory. These findings show what is in a tincture of hemp oil, shows whether or not the hemp oil contains any harmful ingredients and whether or not a hemp oil contains THC or CBD. This sheet of paper, while simple is a great way to show whether or not the product you intend to take is absolutely safe to do so.

Customer Reviews

Reviews left by other customers can tell you a lot about a hemp oil product. While there are many hemp oil products claiming to be CBD or claiming that they work miracles, sometimes the reviews left by other customers can say otherwise. Take a look at the customer reviews left by ANY customer who has purchased a hemp oil product to see if it is ideal for you to buy for yourself.



Top 5 Best Hemp Oil for Anxiety: My Top Picks!

Terpenes4health Ultra Relax

While I wouldn’t qualify Terpenes4health as a traditional hemp oil product, it is a great alternative for people who don’t want to bother with all the legal issues surrounding hemp oil or CBD. The one thing I love about Terpenes4health is that it doesn’t contain either CBD or hemp oil. Instead, it contains the one thing most hemp oil products lack: terpenes.

The Ultra Relax formula by Terpenes4health is an affordable option for people who don’t want to spend too much money on hemp oil, yet still want to get the anxiety relief they need. What is wonderful about this product is that the company offers an active COA for each formula, including the Ultra Relax, so you can rest assured what you are taking is absolutely safe to do so.

Not sure what terpenes are? No worries! The official Terpenes4health company website offers wonderful insight and information on the benefits of terpenes and what they even are in the first place!


  • Inexpensive hemp oil alternative
  • Certificate of Analysis offered
  • Fast-acting results
  • No bulk discounts given


R & R Medicinals

R & R Medicinals is a Colorado-based company that specializes in all things hemp. Like many of the hemp oil products I look for, this product by R & R offers everything you should look for in order to choose a safe hemp oil product: great customer reviews, an official company website and active COA’s for each product.

However, the major downside to this hemp oil product is its price, though it is not surprising considering the quality. Because of its high-quality, the price reflects that with a price point that is slightly on the expensive side. However, in this case, you are getting EXACTLY what you pay for. With a variety of formulas to choose from and plenty of happy customers, this is a hemp oil product that will give you the anxiety relief you are looking for!


  • Great customer reviews
  • Certificate of Analysis for each formula
  • Pet options available
  • High price point


New Age Hemp Oil

This is one of the most popular hemp oil products you can find online. This liquid hemp oil tincture has many customer reviews claiming this oil not only helped to alleviate common anxiety symptoms, but also helped to relieve pain symptoms as well. With varying strengths available to meet anxiety symptom needs, this is one hemp oil that is sure to deliver what consumers are looking for!


  • Hundreds of great customer reviews
  • Varying strengths to choose from
  • No company website available
  • No Certificate of Analysis available


Leaf Envy Hemp Extract

Leaf Envy may be one of the new kids on the block, but what they lack in history, they make up for in a high-quality product. Leaf Envy Hemp Extract is specifically made to use the benefits of hemp oil to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress in as natural a way as possible. Just a few drops of this hemp oil and you will be able to stop any negative thoughts right in their tracks.

It is made with a high dosage of hemp oil to maximize anxiety-relieving benefits for fast-acting relief. With dozens of positive customer reviews, this is a hemp oil product that won’t disappoint.


  • Affordable price point
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Two flavors available
  • No company website
  • No Certificate of Analysis available


Non-Hippie Natural Blends

While I typically don’t like recommending AM/PM products, this is one of the products that HAD to be on this list for varying reasons. This is a great product to keep anxiety and stress symptoms at bay 24 hours. The AM formula by Non-Hippie Natural Blends uses hemp oil to naturally energize the body while keeping anxious moods stabilized. The PM formula is where the real magic happens, promoting a good night’s sleep and calmness to even the most chaotic of minds.

With an affordable price point and plenty of happy customers, this is one hemp oil product consumers don’t even have to question.


  • Affordable
  • Two formulas available: AM/PM
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Multi-use
  • No company website
  • No Certificate of Analysis available


The Bottomline

Using hemp oil is becoming more and more common nowadays. However, with the growing popularity also comes with the growth of many farce products as well. Anxiety is no laughing matter. Anxiety symptoms can be scary and as someone who personally suffers from anxiety, I know how debilitating some of these symptoms can be. Hopefully, by the end of this post, I have given you plenty of options to choose from with 5 of the best hemp oil for anxiety products you can buy. I also hope that with this list, you can finally get the relief you have been desperately seeking!

5 Best Hemp Oil for Anxiety: My Favorite Products to Try!
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5 Best Hemp Oil for Anxiety: My Favorite Products to Try!
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