Alileaf Hemp Oil


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  • Positive customer reviews
  • Affordable


  • No COA
  • No Official company website


Alileaf hemp oil is surprisingly one of the highest-rated hemp oil products on the market today. With a simple, yet the intriguing design and relatively affordable price point, it is not surprising to see how this product has become popular.

Even though it is popular, how does it compare to other hemp oil products it is competing against?

Let’s get into my honest Alileaf hemp oil review to find out!

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Alileaf hemp oil

Alileaf Hemp Oil Review


Name: Alileaf

Website URL: Unknown

Strengths Available: 1,000 MG and 5,000 MG

Products Available: Hemp oil and Hemp Cream

Price: Varies

Overall Rating:




Organic Hemp Oil and Natural Peppermint


Ingredient Breakdown

Organic Hemp Oil

This ingredient is obtained through hemp seeds via extraction. Typically, hemp oil is cold-pressed.

Natural Peppermint

This ingredient is typically only used as a flavor enhancer.


Pros vs. Cons


  • Relatively cheap
  • Positive customer reviews


  • NO COA
  • No official company website


Alileaf: The Good Stuff

Relatively Cheap

One of the many good things about Alileaf hemp oil is the simple fact that it is pretty cheap compared to its competitors. Because of it being cheap, even with about 1,000 to 5,000 mg of hemp oil in its formulas, this is very appealing to those looking for a cheap alternative to pain or anxiety.

Positive Customer Reviews

Another thing that stands out about this hemp oil is the fact it is littered with dozens of positive reviews from customers. Overall, it seems a lot of people are happy with this product.


Alileaf: The Bad Stuff


If you have been on this site before, you will know that NO COA is an absolute red flag for me. A COA or Certificate of Analysis is extremely important to ensure what you are putting into your body is EXACTLY what is listed on the label of the hemp product. This certificate gives you a clear breakdown of every single compound in a hemp oil product and is typically done by a 3rd party laboratory.

No Official Company Website

Another issue with this product is that there is no company website you can visit to get more information on the product or company that manufactures the product as a whole. This can be an issue for various reasons. No official company website means:

  • No support
  • No face to put to the product
  • No clear return policy
  • No insurance policy


Alileaf Hemp Oil vs. Terpenes4health

When you compare Alileaf hemp oil against Terpenes4health, to be honest (and yes, I’m not biased here), Alileaf can’t hold a candle to the quality of Terpenes4health. Unlike Alileaf, Terpenes4health has a COA listed on its official customer website, positive customer reviews and an affordable price.

Alileaf hemp oil

Sizes, Strengths, and Price Available

3 Pack 5,000 Mg Oil and Cream

This is a bundle that can’t be beaten! It includes 2, 30 ml bottles of 5,000 mg hemp oil and a 1,000 mg container of applicable hemp cream. It is used to help relieve pain, anxiety and to enhance overall health.

Sizes Available: 30mls


2 Pack, 1000 Mg Hemp Cream

This is a hemp product customers can use if they don’t want to take hemp oil. This hemp cream pack comes in 2, 4-ounce containers meant to help relieve inflammation and pain for various joint or bone issues.

Sizes Available: 4 ounces


Alileaf Hemp Oil Reviews by Customers

As I have mentioned above, most of the customer reviews for Alileaf hemp oil are mostly positive. Take a look below at what some people have been saying about this product.

“This is a quality hemp product that actually helps! It comes in a fabulous package too!” -Mrs. Pomodoro

“Best hemp product on the market! I love this product so much, I ended up ordering 10 bottles. The price is unbeatable.” -LC

“This is a great product. This product has helped me so much with my anxiety and pain. No complaints!” -Ashley Rivera

“I use both the oil and the cream, and it works for me. I am finally feeling hopeful.” -Karen L. Blaharski

“This is the best purchase I have ever made! This product is absolutely great! It has done wonders for my health.” -Katherine


Alileaf Hemp Oil: The Bottomline

At the end of the day, Alileaf hemp oil is a product VERY similar to other hemp oil products on the market. The main issue with this product comes down to the lack of a COA and no company website. Because the product is missing these two crucial factors, it is not a product I can recommend in good conscious. I want you guys to have a clear understanding of what you are putting in your body and for you to have the peace of mind that what you are using is safe. Alileaf hemp oil is just one of those products I can’t even make that claim about.

Use your gut when deciding to purchase this product. If this makes your decision any easier: I personally wouldn’t risk putting this product into my body, not without seeing a COA.

Final Verdict:

Not Recommended


Need Relief, but Want to Be Safe? Terpenes4health is the Answer!

Terpenes4health logo

Unlike Alileaf, Terpenes4health is a product that is neither a hemp oil or CBD oil. In fact, it is an alternative to both! Terpenes4health is a product that comprises of the perfect blend of organic terpenes, deriving from natural plant sources. NO THC. NO CBD. Terpenes4health products all come with their own active COA and you can easily learn more about their products by clicking here or visiting their official website

Want to learn more about Terpenes4health? Check out my review on the Ultra Relief formula here or my review on the Ultra Relax formula here!


Have you tried Alileaf hemp oil? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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