CBD oil and drug testing

When it comes to CBD oil and drug testing, the two may be linked…and not in a good way. While some CBD oil may not contain THC, it does not necessarily mean that it can’t result in a positive drug test.

So, what does the science say about CBD oil and drug testing?

Let’s find out!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil, also referred to as Cannabidiol oil, is a product that has become highly popular within holistic circles. CBD oil is responsible for aiding in everything from pain control to helping to promote sleep.

However, even with its rise in popularity, there is a concern as to whether or not you can fail a drug test due to consuming CBD oil. What are the odds that CBD oil can result in a positive drug test?

Does CBD Oil Contain THC?

This ultimately depends on the source of the CBD oil. CBD oil can come from two different sources: cannabis or hemp.

CBD oil extracted from the cannabis plant can and will oftentimes contain THC, the main component that can result in a positive drug test result. However, if you use CBD oil that originates from hemp, it may not contain more than 0.3% of THC, more likely to result in a negative drug test result.

CBD Oil and Drug Testing: Can you fail a drug test due to CBD?

CBD oil and drug testing

Yes, however, it is not as simple as that.

While there are certain forms of CBD that won’t necessarily get you high, that doesn’t mean that the little THC that may be contained in the oil won’t show up on a drug test. However, most drug tests are designed to pick up on traces of THC, not CBD.

According to SAMHSA or the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in order to pass a drug test, it is recommended to have no more than 50 ng/mL in your system at the time of the drug test in order to pass it. Any more and it will result in a fail.

While this can mean consuming CBD with low levels of THC is safe, it is best to err on the side of caution.

Reasons for a Failed CBD drug test?

CBD oil and drug testing

There are many reasons as to why one may fail a drug test if they take CBD oil. Some of these reasons may include:

Using CBD with THC in it

The most common reason a drug test may result in a fail when using CBD is because the CBD that is being used contains levels of THC. Purchasing products that are considered low-quality and still contains low levels of THC may still result in a fail on a drug test.

The CBD has been cross contaminated

Using CBD that has been extracted from hemp can still be contaminated with THC. This can also result in a positive drug test. This tends to be more prevalent when purchasing CBD from legalized marijuana dispensaries rather than health food stores that only sell hemp oil.

How the CBD breaks down in the digestive system

While this may be rare, it still can happen. When CBD oil is ingested, it breaks down in the stomach, releasing trace amounts of THC in the process. Again, while trace amounts are less likely to trigger a positive test result on a drug test, it can still happen.

CBD products have been mislabeled

CBD oil that is extracted from hemp is by law not supposed to contain more than 0.3% of THC in it. However, it is not uncommon for distributors and sellers to mislabel their products. While this can cause serious harm to people who can’t handle THC, it can also result in failing a drug test.

Exposure to secondhand THC

Secondhand exposure to THC, while unlikely to result in a positive drug test, can still cause a failed drug test. Being in a room filled with people who are smoking marijuana for a few hours can cause the person not smoking to inhale enough secondhand smoke containing THC in the process.


The Bottomline

In theory, passing a drug test while still consuming CBD oil is practically impossible, especially if the CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC. However, CBD oil is not regulated nationwide so there is no real guarantee the CBD oil you are taking is pure, unless granted FDA approval. As recommended, it is best to err on the side of caution when it comes to drug tests, especially if you plan on taking one in the near future.


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CBD Oil and Drug Testing: How to Pass Your Next Drug Test
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CBD Oil and Drug Testing: How to Pass Your Next Drug Test
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