With the widespread news of the dangers of vaping, a lot of people who take CBD can’t help but ask themselves if mixing CBD oil and vaping is even safe to begin with? It is a good question to ask, especially since the safety of vaping is being called into question.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the potential risks of mixing the two and see if there really is something to worry about.

cbd oil and vaping


What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is a liquid form of CBD or cannabidiol. CBD often derives from the cannabis or hemp plant and is often associated with the use of THC. However, CBD and THC aren’t mutually exclusive to one another. In fact, CBD may not even contain CBD depending on where it derives from.


Can You Vape CBD Oil?

The short answer is: yes, yes you can vape CBD oil.

There are many different ways you can take CBD, but the most common way is by vaping. Other application methods of CBD can include under the tongue, topical or ingestion through the use of edibles.

By inhaling CBD oil via vaping, you can inhale CBD at a lower temperature and experience the same therapeutic effects as other administration methods much faster.


Vaping CBD: Legal or Illegal?

It depends.

There is a gray area of legality surrounding CBD. It all comes down to which plant the CBD oil comes from and which state you reside in. Federally, any product deriving from a hemp product and that contains less than 0.3% THC is considered legal to use and sell. However, in a few states, the use of marijuana and marijuana-derived products are legal due to state-level legalization.

In the end, it is recommended to check with your state and local city regulations to be sure.


The Problem with Vaping CBD

The main issue with vaping CBD is that there are no regulations currently in place to make sure every single CBD vaping product is safe to use. Because of this, the use of black-market additives such as marijuana cartridges has been made for vaping, thus resulting in many of the lung related injuries you have probably heard about recently.  On top of that, harmful ingredients such as Vitamin E acetate have been added to vaping. While it has been proven safe to use for treating the skin, it has proved harmful if inhaled.


Potential Health Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

The benefits of vaping CBD oil are similar to the same benefits you would experience if using CBD oil regularly. Some of the common benefits you can experience while vaping CBD oil includes:

  • Mild to moderate pain relief
  • Mild to moderate anxiety relief
  • Calming effects
  • Mood-boosting effects
  • Enhanced Sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Anti-seizure effects
  • Mild to moderate depression relief

Keep in mind, CBD oil can affect every person who uses it differently. While some people may experience these effects, it does not necessarily mean everybody will feel the same.


How to Vape CBD Safely

In order to use CBD oil safely in a vaping mod, it is important to purchase CBD oil from a reputable vaping company or CBD company. You also want to make sure the CBD oil being used is manufactured specifically for vaping use.

Typically, CBD oil is administered under the tongue or in some cases mixed with the regular e juice liquid. It is always best to use the CBD oil as according to the directions on the label for the safest results.


Potential Health Risks Vaping CBD

Recently there have been stories circulating in the media warning about the health dangers associated with vaping in general, specifically with products containing cannabis. What the general public does not realize is that the CDC has issued a statement regarding the dangers of vaping, specifically in avoiding products that contain THC and vitamin E acetate.

However, keep in mind the long-term effects of vaping, in general, are not well known. You can read more about the dangers of vaping due to long-term lung damage and the potential to be more toxic by clicking here.


Where to Buy CBD Vape Oil

The best places to check where you can purchase CBD vape oil are locally at a few vape stores or CBD stores. You can also check online retailers such as Zample Box or Rock Bottom Vapes. Before buying CBD oil for vaping, be sure to check the ingredients on the label carefully to avoid using juices that contain Vitamin E.


CBD Oil and Vaping: The Bottomline

The bottom line with CBD oil and vaping is that both can be beneficial, but there are certain precautions that should be taken to be on the safe side. As long as the CBD oil is purchased from a reputable vape or CBD provider, doesn’t contain harmful ingredients such as Vitamin E acetate and is used as according to the manufacturer’s directions, users can experience the benefits they need from a good CBD product.



How Terpenes4health Can Make Vaping CBD Safer

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CBD Oil and Vaping: Is it Safe?
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CBD Oil and Vaping: Is it Safe?
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