Do you currently own a business and are interested in adding a CBD product free from THC into your stock? Want to reach a new customer demographic?

Terpenes4health is the answer!

What Can Terpenes4health do for your Business?

Help Provide Solutions and Options

CBDNhance Solutions

As a business owner, your primary job is making sure you can fill your customer’s needs, whatever they may be. When you have a customer that comes in with current discomfort whether that be from pain or anxiety, it is important that you have plenty of options for that customer.

What happens if you have a customer interested in CBD?

You may even have a customer that is interested in CBD. But there are several choices a customer can choose from when it comes to CBD such as Full Spectrum or CBD isolate. Regardless of the choice, you can agree that it is important for your customers to understand what it is about certain products that can fit their needs.

This is where you can educate your customers on the entourage effect. You may have a customer that is unable to afford full spectrum CBD or may even be having issues with the amount of THC other CBD products contain. If this is the case, this is the perfect opportunity to educate them on the entourage effect and upsell Terpenes4health. Terpenes4health can help provide that extra relief your customers may be looking for immediately, unlike most commercial CBD products which can take weeks to take effect.

What happens if you have a customer that chooses full spectrum CBD instead?

That is ok. This decision by the customer is still an opportunity to serve their needs by providing Terpenes4health, an added product that can help improve the results of full spectrum CBD and in some cases, decrease the time delay that is often associated with the start of full spectrum CBD treatment.

This gives you the chance to offer your customers the opportunity to benefit from faster results for immediate relief!

Gives Your Business an Upsell to Take Advantage of!

CBDNhance upsell

When a customer chooses to use a CBD product and comes to YOU for the chance to buy that product, this gives you the opportunity to create the perfect upsell.

Provide the customer with Terpenes4health as an additional product to help increase results!

This can help improve your repeat business by ensuring your customers gets the improved results they are looking for at a much faster turnaround time than they could get with CBD alone!

The Profit is in the Science

CBDNhance Profit

Here at Terpenes4health, we offer two formulas for customers: The Ultra Relief Formula and the Ultra Relax formula. We’ve created these two products from extensive research, figuring out why customers were turning to CBD in the first place. Numerous studies have shown that the number 1 reason customers were turning to CBD in the first place was to seek relief from pain. The second reason they were searching for CBD was for relief from sleep issues, anxiety and depression.

Full Spectrum CBD is Not Always an Option for the Customer

CBDNhance full spectrum

In most cases, customers will always want to opt for full spectrum CBD. However, even with full spectrum CBD, this may not be the best option for the customer.


Well, to start, full spectrum CBD does not contain all of the terpenes as most are destroyed during the extraction process.

In order to give the customer the relief they are seeking, you need to give them CBD with a perfect mix of terpenes, helping to create the “entourage effect”. It has been shown that when taking a higher dose of specific terpenes, often lost in regular CBD, it was connected to the pain relief and relaxation most customers are seeking. This full experience allows the customer to experience the effects of CBD much faster and even enhance the relief they felt.

What is so important about terpenes?

Terpenes are processed within the body at a much faster rate than other cannabinoids, hence the enhancing effect they can have on a regular CBD dose.

Also, keep in mind, besides losing the terpenes with full spectrum CBD, full spectrum CBD may not be the best option for your customers due to other factors such as:

  • Some customers may have issues with THC in general, regardless of the level.
  • Some customers may not be able to afford the cost of full spectrum CBD.

Increase your CBD Sales

CBDNhance increase sales
Increase yearly sales and profit with Terpenes4health

While it is true that your main goal is to help your customers, regardless of need, your secondary goal is going to be to ensure your business pulls in a profit. With the help of Terpenes4health, you can increase your CBD sales, hence increasing your business’s profits over time.

How is this possible?

Because Terpenes4health can help increase your repeat customer sales.

Remember, Terpenes4health is made with the perfect blend of terpenes, meaning your customers will experience the relief they need much faster. The terpenes in our formula metabolize within the body at a faster rate than most other cannabinoids. Because of its fast absorption, this can help reduce any concern from regular CBD users who are used to not feeling effects after a few days. On top of that, adding our product Terpenes4health will increase the entourage effect, enhancing what your customers feel in the first place.

What does this mean?

Terpenes4health can help maximize your per repeat customers for your CBD sales.

Let’s do the math for a second.

How many customers that come into your business do you think take CBD only for a few days, but then give up on it when they don’t feel the significant results they are looking for? How soon do you think they give up on CBD altogether when they don’t feel anything?

3 customers? 5 customers? Maybe more?

Yes, those customers obviously are not going to be repeat customers. However, this amount could mean that 60 or more people a year could be trying CBD but end up giving up on it before the CBD even has a chance to take effect.

Think about it.

For every customer you lose due to them not feeling the effects of CBD faster, you could lose up to $700 a year in repeat CBD sales.

The Proof


Terpenes4health logo

It is no secret that Terpenes4health can give your customers the solution they need when they are looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of their CBD dose as well as give you the solution to increase your business’ profits and revenue in the process.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should carry Terpenes4health in your business!

  • Terpenes4health can be an alternative to full spectrum CBD while allowing your customers to benefit from the entourage effect.
  • Gives your customers the option to help treat their current discomfort whether that be from pain, sleep issues, depression or anxiety.
  • Allow you to maximize your per repeat customers for your CBD sales.
  • Help you to increase your per customer profit by using the perfect upsell!

Interested in Terpenes4health?

Interested in seeing what Terpenes4health can do for your business yourself?

Try our No Risk Sample Order!


With this sample half-case case, you will get 10 Ultra Relief bottles and 10 Ultra Relax bottles at a cost of $179 or $9 per bottle.


You can then turn around and sell these bottles at $29.95 per bottle, equating to a total $599.00 in sales. This equals to over $420 in profit!

Need more for your customers? Try our Full Case!


Our full case order comes stocked with 20 Ultra Relief bottles and 20 Ultra Relax bottles at a cost of $299 or $7.50 per bottle.

With this case, you can turnaround and sell these bottles at $29.95 per bottle, equating to $1,198.00 in sales. This equals to $899.00 in total profit for your business.

Contact me and try your risk-free Terpenes4health case today!

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