Cultivax Hemp Oil


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  • Affordable price


  • No official website
  • No COA
  • Reviews by customers are mixed

Cultivax hemp oil is yet another hemp oil on the market that claims it can relieve pain and anxiety symptoms. You know, the same marketing tactics other hemp oil brands claim. But how true are these claims?

Let’s get into my honest Cultivax hemp oil review to find out!

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Cultivax hemp oil

My Honest Cultivax Hemp Oil Review


Name: Cultivax

Website URL: Unknown

Strengths Available: 140,000 Mg

Sizes Available: 30 mls

Price: Varies

Overall Rating:


Cultivax Hemp Oil Ingredients

Hemp Oil


Ingredient Breakdown

Hemp Oil

This is an ingredient that is typically obtained from hemp seeds by extracting the oil through a means of cold pressing. The hemp oil contains flavonoids and terpenes associated with hemp oil.


Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • Affordable Price


  • No Official Website
  • No COA
  • Reviews by customers are mixed


Cultivax Hemp Oil: The Good Stuff

The Affordable Price

One of the good things Cultivax hemp oil has going for it is its affordable price. At barely $20 a bottle, most customers can get the most bang for the buck with this hemp oil, especially since it claims to contain over 140,000 Mgs of hemp oil. This is perhaps one of the cheapest bottles of hemp oil you can purchase, especially for what you get for the price.


Cultivax Hemp Oil: The Not So Good Stuff

No Official Website

One of the negative things going for this hemp oil is the fact the company, Cultivax, has no official website customers can visit to learn more about the brand. This can be especially bad as customers won’t be able to access a customer support system in case they have issues with the hemp oil they purchase.


If you have been visiting this website for a while, you will know I swear by companies having an active COA on their products. Why? A COA is a Certificate of Analysis, a certificate that shows lab results conducted by a 3rd party lab that tests a hemp oil to ensure not only that it is safe to consume, but that it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.

So, why is this important?

It is important for customers to see this analysis to ensure what they are consuming is absolutely safe to do so. It also shows customers that what is listed on the label is exactly what is in the bottle.


Cultivax Hemp Oil vs. Terpenes4health

When it comes to comparing Cultivax and Terpenes4health, Cultivax can’t really compare. While Cultivax is technically a hemp oil, Terpenes4health products are not. The main differences between the two are not only the ingredients but the fact that Terpenes4health has an active COA for all of its products while Cultivax does not.

Cultivax Hemp Oil vs. Terpenes4health

Strengths and Price

140,000 Mg

This product by Cultivax is made with premium hemp oil extract, featuring organic and non-GMO ingredients customers swear by. It is typically used to help offer pain relief, mood stabilization, a better night’s sleep, and stress reducer.

Size Available: 30 mls


Cultivax Hemp Oil Reviews from Customers

Most of the reviews of Cultivax hemp oil left by actual customers seem to be fairly mixed. Let’s take a closer look at what some people have been saying about this product.

“I suffer from psoriasis and sciatica for several years now. Pain is all I know. I started using this hemp oil and was pleasantly surprised. I no longer have psoriasis or constant pain. I highly recommend this product.” -Stephen W. Elliott

“This product has helped me. I was very skeptical of it at first but after taking it, I no longer wake up as achy as I used to be.” -Christy

“This is the best hemp oil I have ever taken. I used to have joint and sleep issues but no longer thanks to Cultivax.” -Kris Rummel

“This isn’t real CBD oil. Be warned, I have used over a dozen reputable CBD Drops. This is not one of them.” -Amazon customer

“Poor quality hemp oil. This product was just horrible. It didn’t do anything for me. Most of the reviews here aren’t very accurate for this product in my opinion. It is very misleading.” -E.L.

“It works well enough for me. It’s doesn’t work as fast as I thought it would, but results are results.” -Dale Goff


Cultivax Hemp Oil: The Bottomline

Look at the end of the day, Cultivax may not be as high-quality of a product as it claims to be. Sure, plenty of customers seems to be happy enough with the results they have experienced. Sure, it costs a hell of a lot less than most hemp oil products online, but in this case, you get exactly what you pay for. With no COA results and no official website in which to contact the company itself, this isn’t a product I can recommend with confidence.

Final Verdict:

Not Recommended


The Terpenes4health Difference You Can Feel

Terpenes4health logo

Unlike Cultivax, Terpenes4health doesn’t deal with hemp oil or CBD. In fact, it uses the true and natural power of terpenes, which most hemp oil and CBD products lack. With the perfect blend of terpenes originating from organic plant sources to help give you the relief you are seeking for anxiety, depression-like symptoms, pain or lack of energy.

To learn more about Terpenes4health and how they stack against the competition, check out the products page by clicking here.


Have you tried Cultivax hemp oil? If so, did you agree with my review? Let me know in the comments below!

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