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Dr. Botanica hemp oil is a popular product on Amazon at the moment. It is often seen in the recommended products section under practically any hemp oil listing on the popular site. The problem is, just like many other hemp oils listed on Amazon, what is the quality of Dr. Botanica hemp oil? Is it actually worth its price? Or is another Chinese knockoff being touted as “CBD?”

Let’s jump into this honest Dr. Botanica hemp oil review to find out.

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Dr. Botanica hemp oil

Dr. Botanica Hemp Oil Review


Name: Dr. Botanica

Website URL: unknown

Strengths Available: 10,000 Mg and 25,000 Mg

Price: Varies

Overall Rating:



What is Dr. Botanica Hemp Oil?

That is the thing: whenever you look only for more information on the company, you will not be able to find it.

Currently, on Amazon, Dr. Botanica products go by three different names: Dr. Botanica Hemp Oil, Dr. Hemp, and Biodens. However, just conducting a simple search on either of these names yield no results.

There is literally no information on the company that manufactures and distributes this product whatsoever.

This is a clear red flag. If you cannot track down the company behind the production of a certain hemp oil product, this means you can’t even confirm potential COA lab results or whether or not the product they have created is safe to consume. Furthermore, just the fact that the brand name of this product has changed up to three times is a bit unsettling, at least to me.


Hemp Oil, Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin C and Vitamin E


Ingredient Breakdown

Hemp Oil

This ingredient refers to hemp seed oil. This type of oil is typically extracted from hemp seeds ONLY. This type of oil does NOT contain CBD or THC.

Omega 3

This ingredient is added into this oil to help give your body the essential fatty acids that are important to help prevent and manage heart disease. This compound is also believed to help relieve depression and anxiety symptoms, though this belief is not based on fact.

Omega 6

This ingredient is added in order to add the benefit of lowering bad cholesterol levels, raising good cholesterol levels. It is also used to help stimulate healthy brain function.

Vitamin C

This ingredient is used as a strong natural antioxidant, helps to lower blood pressure, reduces uric acid levels within the body and to helps boost immunity.

Vitamin E

This ingredient is believed to have anti-aging benefits, prevent inflammation, support healthy eye function and support a healthy immune system.


The main issue with this hemp oil…

The main issue of this product not only comes down to its ingredients but the fact that the actual company that produces this hemp oil is unknown. As a customer on Amazon stated on the product page:

The lack of information on the company is a common marketing tactic used by many hemp oil companies on Amazon. Typically, these companies will use the reviews for one brand but then will switch it out for another just in the name of gaining credibility for the new brand. The truth is, about 90% of hemp oils listed on Amazon are imported from China, and none of them are actually CBD, which many of them claim to be. True CBD oil is prohibited for sale on Amazon.


Strengths and Price Available

10,000 Mg

Dr. Botanica hemp oil
This formula by Dr. Botanica is extracted using natural CO2 extraction. It is an organic and vegan formula that can help relieve stress, anxiety and reduce insomnia symptoms.

Size Available: 30 ml


25,000 Mg

Dr. Botanica hemp oil
This formula by Dr. Botanica is made using natural CO2 extraction methods. This formula promises to help act as an anti-inflammatory and natural pain reliever.

Size Available: 30 ml


Dr. Botanica vs. Terpenes4health

When it comes to comparing these two brands, Dr. Botanica honestly doesn’t stand a chance. With no clear COA results, an actual company website, ingredients readily available online and just plain anonymity, how can you trust a company that doesn’t make an effort to gain the trust of its customers?

Reviews by Actual Customers

Of course, when you do an in-depth search to find reviews by customers for this product, most will be fairly positive. However, the remaining ones often tend to be more on the confused side than negative. Take a look for yourself what some customers have been saying about this product below.

This product is very…confusing. The labels read Dr. Hemp and not Dr. Botanica. While the product has an FDA approve symbol, I’m pretty sure this is a fake symbol. When you scan the QR code on the bottle, all that happens is that it asks you not to leave a negative review and instead asks you to submit your info to get free product from the company. Not really sure what to make of this. -A.Z.I.

This product really works! I happened to stumble upon this product randomly and decided to try it out to help me sleep at night. Because of this product, I no longer have to take sleeping pills to get to bed. -Kayla Marie

Not worth the results I thought I was going to get. I usually take CBD to help with the pain, but I wanted to try something that was more accessible. Even after weeks of taking this, I haven’t noticed any relief. -CLR

Make sure you READ the ingredients! The actual hemp dosage of this product is around 883 mg, not the 20,000 mg it says it has in it. -James Sundsted

This product definitely could be a bit better. I can’t really say I felt anything conclusive after trying this product for 5 days. While it does help me stay alert, that’s as far as it will go for me. However, I still think it’s a decent product. -FAM7476

This product is definitely worth giving a shot. At first, I was skeptical of this product, but when I tried it, I no longer get the migraines I am usually prone to and I am able to get to sleep much faster than usual. I definitely worth trying this product for yourself. -Musikagod


Dr. Botanica Hemp Oil: The Bottomline

I really want to like Dr. Botanica Hemp Oil. I really do. However, I kind of hate it, just for the simple fact you can’t find any information on the company itself. What I was able to find was from customers who had experienced this kind of professional behavior from other companies of hemp oil products. It is questionable at best, to have a company that produces a hemp oil, which its customers ingest, yet they have no information anywhere online where said customers can look to ensure their product is safe to consume in the first place.

That is a HUGE red flag. If you cannot confirm what is in a product is safe to consume using 3rd party lab tests or COA results, then that is a product you should stay away from. You cannot tell what kind of a facility that product was manufactured, you can’t tell if any harmful ingredients have been added in and you can’t tell if any harmful additives have been used.

Unfortunately, Dr. Botanica is one such product. I would stay far away from this product if I were in your shoes. I wouldn’t trust a product that didn’t have lab test results readily available to let me know the product was safe for human consumption.

Final Verdict:



How Does Terpenes4health beat the Dr. Botanica Competition?

Terpenes4health logo

Unlike Dr. Botanica, Terpenes4health has active COA results their customers can see at any time, so they can know what they are putting into their bodies is 100% safe. Also, unlike Dr. Botanica, Terpenes4health never uses chemicals or ingredients sourced from China. All of the ingredients in any of the Terpenes4health products are locally sourced from organic plant sources.

Learn more about Terpenes4health products by clicking here.


Have you tried Dr. Botanica hemp oil? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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