MARQ Hemp Oil


Overall Rating



  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Mostly positive reviews by actual customers
  • Has an official company website


  • NO COA available
  • Only available in one strength and size

MARQ hemp oil is a hemp oil product that is quickly gaining in popularity on Amazon. The problem is, just like with most hemp oil products, it can be difficult to know whether this hemp oil is actually worth the price it is retailed at.

So, is it?

Let’s get right into my honest MARQ hemp oil review to find out!

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marq hemp oil

Honest MARQ Hemp Oil Review


Name: MARQ

Website URL:

Strengths Available: 50,000 mg

Size Available: 60 mls

Price: Varies

Overall Rating:



Who is MARQ Nutrition?

MARQ Nutrition is a holistic company that prides itself on creating the perfect products made using organic ingredients to help their customers live a happier and healthier life.


Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Mostly positive reviews by actual customers
  • Has an official company website


  • NO COA available
  • Only available in one strength and one size



Hemp Oil


Ingredient Breakdown

Hemp Oil

This is an ingredient that is typically extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant and extracted typically using a cold-pressed method. The leftover hemp oil contains flavonoids and potential terpenes associated with hemp oil.


MARQ Hemp Oil: The Good Stuff

Relatively inexpensive

One of the benefits of using this hemp oil is the fact that it is relatively inexpensive. This can make it beneficial to those who don’t want to spend nearly $70 for a single bottle of hemp oil. The problem with this is, in the end, you get EXACTLY what you pay for.

Mostly positive reviews by actual customers

Another benefit to MARQ hemp oil is that most of their customers seem to be pretty happy with this product. With so many people claiming that this product works or that this product has helped them relieve their various ailments, it can be the deal breaker to helping others make the decision to buy it.

Has an official company website

A great thing about MARQ is the fact this company DOES have an official company website. This can be helpful as customers can reach out to the company via the website directly to get support about a particular product or to issue a complaint if needed.


MARQ Hemp Oil: The Not So Good Stuff

NO COA Available

If there is one thing you will learn about me, especially on this website, is that I HATE products that don’t offer COA’s for their products. A COA is extremely important as it is a sheet of paper testifying the product has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory and was found to be safe for human consumption. Without a COA, how can customers be sure the product they are putting into their bodies doesn’t contain any harmful contaminants that can be harmful to their health?

Only Available in one strength and size

Another downside to this product is the fact it is only available in one strength and one size. This can be a problem, especially for those who have a slight sensitivity to hemp oil and may need a lower dosage than what is offered.


MARQ vs. Terpenes4health

When you compare MARQ hemp oil and Terpenes4health, Terpenes4health really gives this company a run for its money. While the two do have a few similarities such as offering products in one size, one strength and having a company website, the real difference between the two is that Terpenes4health offers COA’s for each of their formulas.

marq hemp oil vs. Terpenes4health

Strengths and Price Available

50,000 MG

This premium Colorado hemp oil product is made exclusively using organic and non-GMO ingredients. It is loaded with omega fatty acids to help promote overall health and well-being.

Size Available: 60 mls


MARQ Hemp Oil Reviews by Actual Customers

The MARQ Hemp oil reviews left by actual customers seem to be fairly positive. Let’s take a closer look at what some people have been saying about this particular hemp oil below.

“All you have to do is take this hemp oil as directed, then sit back and relax. This hemp oil is life changing. My mood is a heck of a lot better and I’m even sleeping better. I highly recommend trying it.” -Allen E. Crews

“Ever since I started taking this product, I have no more pain. Besides the horrible test, this hemp oil is the best.” -Dessire Vides

“This product is so amazing; it has helped me quit smoking. All I take is two drops in the morning and at night. This product has literally saved my life.” -Sheeba

“This is the best hemp oil on the market! I just got it today, but even after a single dose, I can finally feel relief from the anxiety and back pain I have constantly suffered from over the past few years.” -Powder Puffed

“I am very happy with this hemp oil. I have used other brands in the past but so far this is the best. I couldn’t speak any higher of this product.” -Melisa Leadley


MARQ Hemp Oil: The Bottomline

At the end of the day, MARQ hemp oil is a quality product. Sure, it may have no COA (which is your own personal preference if you use a product that doesn’t have one), but in regards to affordability and positive customer reviews, this product is recommended by nearly all who use it. In the end, use your own instincts to decide whether or not this is a product that can benefit you.

Final Verdict:



How Terpenes4health Can Give You the Relief You Need

Terpenes4health logo

Unlike MARQ hemp oil, Terpenes4health is a safe way to get the relief you need. Each formula of Terpenes4health is thoroughly tested through a 3rd party lab to ensure it contains all of the quality ingredients listed on the label. With a COA for each formula, you never have to worry about taking a product filled with harmful ingredients.

Learn why I recommend Terpenes4health products above the rest by clicking here.

Learn how you can get up to 30% off your first bottle purchase by clicking here.


Have you tried MARQ hemp oil? If so, did you agree with my review? Did you disagree with it? Regardless, let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. I like to ask the company,MARQ Hemp oil but there is no web address, not to mention phone number.
    How can consumers would get any questions answered?
    Very fish about the way they are dealing with public, not ethical.

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