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I’m not going to lie: I never knew Mix Rx hemp oil even existed until a few days ago. I was scouring Amazon, looking for other CBD products just out of curiosity when I stumbled upon it. Upon further investigation, I have to admit I became intrigued by the idea of this product and even found the way it is pitched to consumers interesting. So, I decided to look further into it.

Without further ado, let’s jump into this honest Mix Rx hemp oil review to learn more about it.

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Mix Rx hemp oil

Mix Rx Hemp Oil Review


Name: Mix Rx

Website URL: www.mixrxcbd.com

Strengths Available: 500 MG and 1000 MG

Price: Varies

Overall Rating:



Mix Rx Hemp Oil Ingredients

Hemp oil, Enriched Hemp oil extract, Grapeseed Oil, Peppermint Oil


Ingredient Breakdown

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is also referred to as hemp seed oil. This oil is extracted from hemp seeds. Keep in mind, this type of oil DOES NOT CONTAIN CBD or THC.

Enriched Hemp Oil Extract

Now, after spending hours scouring articles, blogs and studies, I couldn’t for the life of me find what “enriched hemp oil extract” is. However, what I was able to find concluded that this is none other than hemp oil that has been “enriched” with additives such as Omega fatty acids or even terpenes.

Grapeseed Oil

This ingredient is also referred to as a carrier oil. It helps to enhance the flavor of the hemp oil while acting as a safe “carrier” for the consumer to ingest the product safely.

Peppermint Oil

This ingredient is used in this product as nothing more than a flavor enhancer.


Strengths and Price

500 MG

This low dosage hemp oil is perfect for those looking for a little relief from pain or anxiety, but don’t need something too strong.

Size Available: 30 ML


1000 MG

This formula by Mix Rx is stronger than their 500 MG dosage, perfect for those who need a little more relief from pain or anxiety symptoms.

Size Available: 30 ML


Mix Rx Hemp Oil Vs. Terpenes4health

To be honest, there really is no competition between these two brands. Both brands offer quality products. The difference between the two is what they choose to disclose to their consumer base. On one hand, you have Mix Rx, which doesn’t disclose EXACTLY what “enriched hemp oil” even means, nor does it disclose this on their website. Another thing Mix Rx doesn’t disclose on their website is their COA results to show that what they state on the label, is exactly what it is in their products.

Terpenes4health is completely different. Not only will you see every ingredient with any formula of Terpenes4health, but you can go onto their company website or here to see the COA results for yourself!

Mix RX Hemp Oil

Mix Rx Hemp Oil Reviews from Customers

As far as customer reviews go, this product seems to get some mixed reviews. Take a look below what some people have been saying about this product.

Misleading Title! While the product is advertised with CBD in the title, it only does so to come up in relevant searches. This product doesn’t contain any CBD! Also, while it has Peppermint flavored on its label, it actually has no taste. Save your money and buy yourself REAL CBD instead! -Bryce Pendleton

I absolutely love this stuff! I am more than surprised to find how well this stuff helps ease my anxiety. I absolutely recommend trying it. -Nancy & Dana

Great product that I recommend. After looking for a product that could help with my back pain, I tried this, and it does work. It also helps me get some rest as night. -Gary Troost

This product works wonders for inflammation. I suffer from arthritis in my hands. I take some of this hemp oil at night and it really helps to ease the inflammation overnight. -Theresa H.

Best pain relief ever! I hate using pain killers and was looking for something that had little side effects when I found Mix Rx. All natural and easy to use. I love it! -Firefly



The Bottomline

Mix Rx hemp oil can be a high-quality product. The main issue I have with this product is how it is marketed to consumers and it’s lack of disclosing pertinent information every consumer should know before taking it such as the COA results to ensure they are taking a healthy product and a thorough explanation of the ingredients so consumers understand exactly what they are.

Other than that, if you are looking for cheap hemp oil that will work for your pain or anxiety symptoms, you should try it out for yourself.

Final Verdict:



How does Terpenes4health Stacks against the competition?


Terpenes4health logo

Unlike Mix Rx, you will get exactly what you pay for with Terpenes4health. Each of our products lists every ingredient we use in our formulas right on the label. Nor do we try to mislead you on whether or product is considered CBD oil or hemp oil. In fact, it’s neither! Our formulas use a blend of organic terpenes, which can be used on their own or can be used in conjunction with CBD and hemp oil to enhance their effects.

Interested in learning more? Find out how you can get access to an exclusive 30% off discount for your first bottle purchase here!


Have you tried Mix Rx for yourself? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

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One Reply to “Mix Rx Hemp Oil: Not as Enhanced as You Think!”

  1. What I was lookng for was the PAE content. They used to quantify it but no longer do. Everyone else acts lke it isn’t there. It is as powerfull as CBD which I do use also. Wanted to avoid adding another tablet for the PAE. I believe that s what the enhanced means.

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