O'RMEAS Hemp Oil


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  • Affordable
  • Mostly positive customer reviews


  • NO COA

O’RMEAS hemp oil is another highly popular hemp oil product that is circulating around the Internet. The problem is, most hemp oil products tend to be VERY similar, but how does O’RMEAS stack against the other products it is competing against on the market?

Let’s jump right into my honest O’RMEAS review to find out!

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O’rmeas hemp oil

O’RMEAS Hemp Oil Review



Website: Unknown

Strengths Available: 30,000 MG

Price: Varies

Overall Rating:



Cannabis Sativa seed oil


 Ingredient Breakdown

Cannabis Sativa Seed oil

This is a fancy ingredient name that simply refers to the oil that is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis Sativa plant. The seeds that come from this plant don’t contain the same level of compounds that the plant itself contains. However, the oil that is extracted does contain nutrients, essential fatty acids and bioactive compounds people can benefit from. This oil can also contain flavonoids and terpenes.


Pros Vs. Cons


  • Affordable
  • Plenty of positive customer reviews


  • Made in China-can possibly contain harmful contaminants
  • NO COA
  • NO Official company website


O’RMEAS Hemp Oil: The Good Stuff

O’RMEAS Hemp oil may not be the best thing on the market (in my opinion), but it does have its benefits.


This hemp oil is probably one of the least expensive hemp oil products you can find listed on Amazon, especially for the milligrams of “cannabis Sativa” it claims to have. However, while the price itself may be low, keep in mind that in the end, you will get what you pay for.

Plenty of positive customer reviews

One thing that O’RMEAS hemp oil definitely has going for it is that there are plenty of customers who seem to be very happy with the product. Most of the reviews you will find on this product are more positive than not.


O’RMEAS Hemp Oil: The Not So Good Stuff

Not, let’s get into the core issues with this product because there are a few.

Made in China

Now, I’m not hating on the country. China has been very beneficial to the US and can make quality products. However, one of the negatives of having a product made in China, ESPECIALLY AN ORAL SOLUTION, is that it may be prone to containing harmful contaminants. China, unfortunately, tends to be synonymous with harmful ingredients, especially in holistic or beauty products. This can be a major downside to some people.


Now, this is one issue I have that I consider being the most serious. A COA, also known as Certificate of Analysis, is a slip of paper that is EXTREMELY important to any and all hemp or CBD products on the market. This little slip of paper, while inconvenient to some businesses, allows customers to see that what is listed on the label, is EXACTLY what is in the bottle. A COA is essentially a sheet detailing lab results conducted on the product from a 3rd party lab. These results will list the exact amount of Hemp Oil, THC or terpenes within a product and will list if any harmful contaminants were found in the product.

Without a COA, a customer shouldn’t take a product unless they can tell what they are taking is safe.

NO Official Website

Most legitimate companies like Terpenes4health, who sell oral solutions in the form of hemp oil or CBD, tend to have an official website customers can visit to learn more about the product or to take a look at COA results for themselves.

O’RMEAS is the exception.

This product doesn’t have a legitimate website you can visit. This is a red flag in my opinion.


O’RMEAS Hemp Oil vs. Terpenes4health

When it comes to seeing how O’RMEAS compares to Terpenes4health, there honestly is NO competition. Terpenes4health has an official company website customers can visit, active COA results on all their products and have their products made exclusively in the United States. When you compare the two, Terpenes4health will ALWAYS come out on top!

O’rmeas hemp oil

Sizes, Strengths and Price Available

30,000 MG

This strength from O’RMEAS is specifically formulated to help with sleep, promote healthy skin and promote healthy hair. With a high amount of cannabis Sativa, this formula guarantees you get more per price per MG.


O’RMEAS Hemp Oil Reviews by Actual Customers

Actual customers tend to love O’RMEAS hemp oil. However, out of all of the reviews, you will find on this product, while you may find mostly positive reviews, you will also come across a few negative reviews. Take a look for yourself what some people have been saying about this hemp oil product.

Effective in keeping me calm. This product is the perfect addition to my evening tea. It really helps to take the edge off. -Laura McCoy

We are a big hemp oil family and we love this product! I suffer from severe PTSD myself and I have tried every type of hemp oil and CBD product you can imagine. But none have worked as well as O’RMEAS has. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you do so. -J J

This product works amazing for anxiety! This works perfect to treat my own anxiety! I can finally calm down and give my brain a rest! I highly suggest trying this! -Bcox7275

Don’t buy this product! It burns like hell when you put it under your tongue. On top of that, there is nothing on the label that indicates what is even in it! I ended up sending it back immediately. -Mandy Damon

This product didn’t work for me. I hate giving negative reviews, but after I had shoulder surgery, this product did NOTHING for my pain. -corneem9

While this product does help with my insomnia and anxiety, the flavor is horrible. It tastes like I’m sucking on a cinnamon stick. I’m a bit disappointed. -Amazon customer


O’RMEAS Hemp Oil: The Bottomline

Look, the bottom line on O’RMEAS hemp oil is this: in the end, you will get what you pay for.

Sure, this product may be one of the cheapest hemp oil products you will find, but what you pay for this product will end up coming to haunt you in the end.

With no Certificate of Analysis available online, no official company website and with this product being made in China where holistic products out there are questionable at best, this is a product I can’t in good conscious recommend. I recommend sticking with products that will give you the relief you need SAFELY!

Look for products that contain active COA’s and that have a company website you can visit to learn more about the brand or product. Use your gut instinct and do yourself a favor: Stay away from this product.

Final Verdict:

Not Recommended


How Terpenes4health Can Give You the Relief You Need SAFELY

Terpenes4health logo

Unlike O’RMEAS, Terpenes4health can give you the relief you are seeking in a safe way. Terpenes4health produces 3 formulas, all designed to give you relief from anxiety, insomnia, mild to moderate pain and even lack of energy. Every formula has been 3rd party lab tested and lists those results via active COA’s listed on their website. Furthermore, Terpenes4health produces all of its products in the United States. This company uses natural plant sources to extract its oils without the use of Hemp, CBD or THC.

Learn more about Terpenes4health products by clicking here!


Have you tried O’RMEAS hemp oil? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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