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  • COA results readily available
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  • Slightly expensive

I came across R R Medicinals actually when I was working on my pet food blog, PetFoodio.com. I went looking around for a few royalty-free images of hemp oil bottles and found MANY with the R + R Medicinal label. Intrigued I decided to look more into what the product even was and how it related to pets (since that is my other niche).

It turns out R + R Medicinals makes a whole range of hemp oil natural products! So, how does R + R Medicinals stack against the competition?

Let’s get right into my honest R + R Medicinals hemp oil review to find out, shall we?

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r r Medicinals hemp oil

R R Medicinals Review


Name: R + R Medicinals

Website URL: www.rrmeds.com

Strengths Available: 500 Mg, 1000 Mg, and 2500 Mg

Price: Varies

Overall Rating:


Who is R + R Medicinals?

R + R Medicinals is a Colorado-based company that specializes in organically grown hemp. They pride themselves on not using inorganic chemicals or pesticides on their hemp to keep their products as natural as humanly possible. They use only natural methods to help their hemp plants grow so their customers can be sure they are using hemp the way nature originally intended.


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract, MCT Oil from Coconut and Natural Mint Flavoring


Ingredient Breakdown

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract

This ingredient is the pure extract of the hemp plant. This includes the CBD, Flavonoids, terpenes and no more than .3% THC

MCT Oil from Coconut

MCT Oil is one of the most common carrier oils used for hemp oil extracts today. It is primarily used to enhance the overall flavor of the hemp oil while acting as a carrier vehicle for the most important components of the hemp oil.

Natural Mint Flavoring

This ingredient is nothing more than a flavor enhancement to enhance the way this hemp oil tastes.

Strengths and Price Available

1000 Mg

This hemp oil is specifically formulated for pain and stress relief. With the help of the full-spectrum hemp oil, this product can also help boost one’s mood and help support healthy sleep patterns.

Size Available: 30 ml


500 Mg Pet Hemp Oil

Yes, R + R Medicinals also makes a product for our furry best friends. This particular product helps to relieve stress, anxiety and mild to moderate pain naturally in dogs and cats.

Size Available: 30 ml


R + R Medicinals vs. Terpenes4health

R + R Medicinals and Terpenes4health are two completely different products. The wonderful similarity between the two is that both carrier terpenes. However, Terpenes4health doesn’t contain CBD, Hemp or THC. The upside to that is Terpenes4health contains more terpenes than R + R Medicinals contains, so when used in conjunction, both products can enhance the entourage effect.

R R Medicinal Reviews by Actual Customers

Seeing as the quality of this product is good, it is unsurprising to see that many of the reviews left by actual customers have all been mostly positive. Let’s take a look below to see what customers have been saying lately.

I am an R + R Medicinals repeat customer and that isn’t going to change any time soon! Long-term, this product helps to keep me mellow and even helps me to get some decent sleep at night. -Kort

Great hemp oil! First off, I was a bit wary to try this product for myself, but I am incredibly glad I did. I tried this product for pain. While it didn’t make my pain vanish, on a scale of 1 to 10, it brought my pain from a 10 down to a 3. I am also much more relaxed than I ever remember being. I give this a solid two thumbs up. -Lou1021

Absolutely amazing product! I suffer from pretty bad anxiety, but this product helped to chill me out more than my prescription anxiety medication did. R + R Medicinals will ALWAYS have my business. -Amazon customer

Worked fine for me. This hemp oil has been amazingly effective for me, and usually hemp oil won’t work on my system for some reason. My hip pain, lower back pain, stress, anxiety and sleep problems have dramatically improved thanks to R + R Medicinals. -Jon

This is one heck of a product! I ordered the 1000 mg formula to give it a shot. It exceeded my expectations. I am getting great relief from my arthritis pain and sleep issues. It is also an added benefit that it is helping me out with my usually high stress levels. I definitely recommend this product to anybody. -Rick Narum


R R Medicinals Hemp Oil: The Bottomline

R R Medicinals is one of those products that pleasantly surprised me, in a great way. The company, at face value, is one of the best hemp oil companies I have ever come across (next to Terpenes4health of course). They offer a solid hemp oil product, can back up the quality of their products with viewable COA test results, a clean company website, accurate contact information and solid product design. With strong positive reviews from customers, with many of them being repeat customers, I’ll let that speak for itself. This is one of those products I am proud to recommend.

Final Verdict:

Highly Recommended



How Terpenes4health Can Boost R R Medicinals?

Terpenes4health logo

While R + R Medicinals already contains Full Spectrum Hemp oil which contains terpenes, some of those terpenes that are important to hemp oil are lost during the extraction process. By using one of the Terpenes4health formulas alongside a normal dose of R R Medicinals can help enhance its effects and allow you to experience the entourage effect on a whole different level.

Learn more about Terpenes4health formulas and see how you can get 30% off your first bottle purchase by clicking here!


Have you tried R + R Medicinals? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section below!

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