When people often think of terpenes and CBD, they often assume that both are the same thing.

But are they really?

In this post, we will take a closer look at terpenes and CBD to find out how similar or different these two compounds truly are!

terpenes and cbd

What Exactly are Terpenes?

So, the question remains…what are terpenes?

Terpenes are natural hydrocarbons that are extracted from either natural plant sources, cannabis or hemp. Terpenes are what give things like plants and fruits their unique smell. The citrusy smell of an orange or the distinct smell of pine needles from a pine tree. Terpenes are often used not only in aromatherapy but for medicinal purposes as well.


The Therapeutic Benefits of Terpenes

This is the primary reason terpenes are used in the first place: their therapeutic benefits. Similar to aromatherapy, terpenes are known to help with the emotional and physical well-being of an individual who uses it. Below are some of the therapeutic benefits of the most common type of terpenes used.

  • Linalool-has a sedative and calming effect. In high doses, it is also known to have anti-seizure effects.
  • Limonene-can help to boost one’s emotions.
  • Pinene-can help boost energy, alertness and help retain memory.
  • Beta Caryophyllene-can have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.
  • Myrcene-has relaxation and calming effects.
  • Humulene-known to have appetite suppressant effects as well as anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Valencene-known to have energy-boosting properties and can help increase alertness.


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What is CBD?

CBD, also short for the term cannabidiol, is a compound that derives from the cannabis or hemp plant. This chemical compound can be found naturally occurring in these types of plants. Depending on the type of plant the CBD derives from, it could potentially have psychoactive effects from THC.


The Therapeutic Benefits of CBD

Similar to terpenes, CBD is used due to its therapeutic benefits. However, the therapeutic benefits of CBD haven’t been found to be conclusive due to a variety of reasons. According to WHO, the World Health Organization, CBD was found to be safe and nonaddictive and was also found to have potential therapeutic effects.

Currently, there are over 150 trials in progress to find the benefits of CBD use. What studies have been conducted found that CBD had the potential to relieve symptoms of various ailments such as:

  • Seizures-CBD was found to help reduce the frequency of seizures.
  • Anxiety-various studies found that CBD could contribute to the reduction of anxiety and potentially antipsychotic effects.
  • Reduce Inflammation-another study found CBD could help reduce inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Of course, this isn’t the end of the therapeutic benefits. However, research on the potential benefits takes time and we are sure to learn more about CBD’s potential effects in the years to come.


Why are Terpenes and CBD Important Together?

While terpenes and CBD are technically different, they are still equally important, especially when it comes to using them together. In both the terpenes and CBD industry, experts tote the main benefit to using both together as the “entourage effect”.

CBD naturally contains essential terpenes crucial to promoting physical and emotional well-being. However, after extraction CBD is known to lose most of the terpenes it contains. Hence why terpene isolates are often purchased separate from CBD and taken alongside their normal CBD dose. Using both terpene isolates and CBD can help promote the entourage effect and help users feel the effects of the CBD faster and more efficiently than they would if they used it alone.


Terpenes and CBD: The Bottomline

While terpenes and CBD are obviously different, both of them are just as important together as they are apart. Apart, both CBD and terpenes have a lot to offer other than just scent alone. Thanks to the entourage effect, users can magnify the effects of both compounds together and experience a natural and stable balance of nutrients to relieve the symptoms of their ailments.


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Terpenes and CBD: Are They Synonymous?
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