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Terpenes4health hemp oil review

*Disclaimer: This post may include links to product for purchase and is written by someone who works for CBDNhance*

CBD or Cannabidiol is known from two different sources: Hemp or Cannabis. One source will ensure the CBD contains THC, the feeling that is often associated with smoking marijuana. However, CBD that comes from the hemp plant, does not contain THC. It is this type of CBD that has been slowly growing in popularity over the past couple of years.

There are many types of CBD products that derive from hemp to have hit the market, many of which are claiming to have miraculous effects. Is Terpenes4health just another one of these products? Or is there some proof that it actually works?

Let’s jump into my honest Terpenes4health hemp oil review to find out!


Name: Terpenes4health

Formulas: Ultra Relax and Ultra Relief

Company: CBDNhance

Website URL: www.CBDNhance.com

Rating: 5 out of 5


CBDNhance bottles

Terpenes4health is a CBD product free from THC that is made with 100% natural ingredients. Each formula is thoroughly tested in a lab to quality assurance and to ensure it contains NO THC. Unlike most competitors, Terpenes4health is made with a blend off terpenes, often lost during the extraction process, which in turn helps to boost the effectiveness of a regular CBD dose. Some of the common ingredients found in Terpenes4health are MCT coconut oil, natural isolated terpenes, medical grade turmeric, and curcumin.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Unlike other products, Terpenes4health works within the body by utilizing what is known in the CBD community as the “entourage effect.” This effect in Terpenes4health includes the blend of terpenes that make up both formulas, helping to neutralize the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Made with the perfect blend of terpenes to increase the entourage effect, Terpenes4health is made to improve the results of a regular CBD dose for customers.

Terpenes4health Formulas

Terpenes4health sells two formulas: Ultra Relief and Ultra Relax.

Terpenes4health Ultra Relax

Terpenes4health Ultra Relax


Specially formulated to help aid in relieving symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and various sleep ailments. This formula is used by people who suffer from:

  • GAD or generalized anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Panic disorder
  • General nervousness
  • Social anxiety

Terpenes4health Ultra Relief


Terpenes4health Ultra Relief

Specially formulated to help alleviate pain. It is made to give pain relief fast. It is used by people who suffer from:

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Mild joint pain
  • Mild back pain
  • Sprains
  • Body aches

Terpenes4health Hemp Oil Review: The Downside

It is clear in the packaging, ingredient label and customer reviews, Terpenes4health is clearly a great product. However, there is one downside to Terpenes4health: the “form” it is available in.

As of right now, Terpenes4health is only available in a liquid form. Currently, the company does not offer other alternatives such as a capsule or a powdered form for its formulas. It would be nice to see the company offers a wider range of form available in the future for those who don’t want to stick with an oral tincture.

Terpenes4health Hemp Oil: Where Can I Buy It?

The only place currently available to purchase either formula of Terpenes4health is via their company website CBDNhance.com However, if you visit a local CBD supplier in your immediate area, you can request for them to carry Terpenes4health.

Final Thoughts

After looking at Terpenes4health from an outsiders perspective for this Terpenes4health review, we can conclude that it is a high-quality product. People who have tried it for themselves can’t recommend it enough!

Regardless if you need to relieve pain or curb your anxiety, Terpenes4health is a great product to use as a 100% natural alternative. Without a doubt in my mind, Terpenes4health can help relieve a variety of symptoms without the side effects of prescription medication.


Want to learn more about how Terpenes4health can help your business or how it can help aid your ailments? Contact us today to learn more!



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