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  • Reputable company
  • Plenty of positive reviews


  • Expensive price
  • No COA

I’m not going to lie. The first thing to catch my eye about Wellgrade Hemp oil was the bottle. The design is…unique, to say the least. But the more I looked into this hemp oil, the more intrigued I became. So, what did I find out about Wellgrade?

Let’s jump into my honest Wellgrade hemp oil review to find out.

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wellgrade hemp oil

My Honest Wellgrade Hemp Oil Review


Name: Wellgrade

Website URL: www.well-grade.com

Strengths Available: 5,000 Mg

Size Available: 30 mls

Price: Varies

Overall Rating:


Who is Wellgrade?

Wellgrade is a company responsible for manufacturing premium hemp oil. This company prides itself on using only USA regulated and all-natural ingredients without the use of THC or any psychoactive effects.



Hemp Extract


Ingredient Breakdown

Hemp Extract

This is an ingredient that is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. It doesn’t contain THC yet contains important flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids associated with hemp oil.


Pros. Vs. Cons.


  • Reputable company
  • Plenty of positive reviews


  • Expensive
  • No COA


Wellgrade Hemp Oil: The Good Stuff

Reputable Company

One of the advantages of Wellgrade is the fact that the company itself seems to be pretty reputable. Established in 2017, Wellgrade has been a company that started with a simple mission of providing its customers with products made as nature intended. They used the natural hemp fields of Colorado to create a product they can proudly stand behind, and all of their customers will swear by.

Plenty of Positive Reviews

Another positive thing going for this company and its product is that plenty of their customers love this product so much, their reviews of it are pretty telling. Any review you find on their products you will find are mostly positive.


Wellgrade Hemp Oil: The Not So Good Stuff

The Price

One of the negative things going for Wellgrade hemp oil is its price. It has an expensive price tag at nearly $60 to $70 a bottle. This can make it hard to purchase, especially for customers that may not have the money to spend on it. It is perhaps one of the most expensive bottles of hemp oil the average consumer can buy today.


One of the negative things about this hemp, and one that can be a deal-breaker, is the fact the hemp oil doesn’t have an active COA consumers can find. A COA is a certificate that shows a hemp oil has been thoroughly tested by a 3rd party laboratory. These results show that a hemp oil product doesn’t contain any harmful contaminants and contains what is listed on the label.

Without a COA, consumers can’t truly be sure that what they are taking is completely safe.


Wellgrade vs. Terpenes4health

When you compare both Terpenes4health and Wellgrade, both products are very similar. While Terpenes4health products aren’t necessarily a hemp oil product, it still offers the same benefits as Wellgrade: anxiety and pain relief. The only difference between the two is the COA results that one company provides on all of its products and not the other. Another key difference is the price.

Wellgrade vs. Terpenes4health

Strengths and Price

5,000 Mg

This is the only strength Wellgrade offers its hemp oil product. With such a high grade of hemp oil, customers can get better sleep, anxiety relief and pain relief they are seeking.


Wellgrade Hemp Oil Reviews by Customers

Most of the reviews of Wellgrade Hemp Oil are mostly positive. Take a look below at what some people have been saying recently about this product.

“This is the best hemp oil product on the market! This oil has made my life 10 times better. My anxiety is nonexistent, and I sleep like a bear hibernating in the winter. I love it!” -Rebeca

“This is a great product. I have been using this product for several weeks and I can confidently say it has gotten rid of any pain I have been suffering from for several years. I can finally run around like I used to years ago.” -7angels

“Words cannot express how well this product has been able to treat pain and anxiety with some much needed justice. This product does a great job against pain. I highly recommend it.” -Rick and Earlene

“This is a great product. It works a lot better than any other hemp oil product I have tried. I am a very happy customer.” -Juanetta Barnhardt

“This product really works. I have been in severe pain in both of my feet and even have trouble sleeping. This product has been helping me in both cases. Thanks again.” -Ronald D. Ivy

“This is amazing for pain relief. I have been suffering from a pinched nerve for months and this product has eased my pain so much. I am amazed by the results.” -Janet Garner


Wellgrade Hemp Oil: The Bottomline

At the end of the day, Wellgrade Hemp Oil is a great product. Sure, it may have an expensive price tag, but from the way customers have been raving about it to its company history, this is a product I don’t have a problem recommending. The only downside I’d say about this product is its lack of COA results, so use your best judgment when buying this product for yourself.

Final Verdict:

Recommended, but Use Caution



The Terpenes4health Difference You Will Feel

Terpenes4health logo

Unlike Wellgrade hemp oil, you can rest easy using a Terpenes4health product. All of the products Terpenes4health provides has an active COA for each formula, so you can rest easy what you are taking is absolutely safe to do so. It is also listed at a price everybody can afford.

Learn more about why I recommend this product so much by clicking here.


Have you tried Wellgrade Hemp Oil? If so, did you agree with my review? Did you disagree with it? Let me know in the comments below!

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